Physician turned Politician

Taiwan’s presidential election is coming soon.
Two of the three candidates are doctors.
Physicians and surgeons.
Historically and around the world, it is not uncommon for presidents and politicians to have graduated from medical school.
However, it is impossible to imagine that a doctor or someone with a medical school background would become a candidate for prime minister in Japan.
Cuban revolutionary Che Guevara graduated from medical school.
Although he has never practiced medicine, he is well known as a revolutionary leader.
It was also made into a movie.

There are some world-famous film directors and writers who graduated from medical school.
In Japan, most people become medical practitioners.
This may be because the income is higher, but I think there are more ways to utilize medical knowledge.
Although the number of doctors in the Diet has increased, they are still far from becoming prime ministers or prefectural governors.
At the very least, I think it would be good if someone with a medical school background was appointed as deputy prefectural governor or deputy mayor.
Now, who will be chosen as the president of Taiwan?
I want more doctors to heal the nation.

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