External audit

It is said that there will be an external audit of the accounts of political funds, even from factions within political parties.
Is this the work of the Board of Accountants or the National Tax Agency?
This kickback of the proceeds from politician Bertie’s sales is simply a cut in sales.
If it were a corporation, it would be embezzlement and tax evasion.
Until now, tax audits were conducted only at the company’s head office, but now tax audits will now go to branch offices to reconcile the invoices.
I’m sure that from now on, fake invoices and receipts will be created in an attempt to evade external audits.
This time, the faction of the Liberal Democratic Party is disbanding all at once, but this is similar to a company being exposed for tax evasion and liquidating itself.
But I’m sure a similar production group will form again.
That’s what politics is like.
It seems that there are secret funds that people cannot tell.
However, I don’t want that kind of money to be covered by political party subsidies or political donations.
In the case of a corporation, this would be business entertainment expenses.
Why not make political parties pay taxes and allow them to cover secret expenses?
Since political party subsidies are paid through taxes, it becomes stricter, so it would be better to go back to the days when political donations were collected through self-employment.
It would be fine if party members could use their ability to collect membership fee contributions.
If all politicians became YouTubers, campaign expenses would be reduced, and they would be able to collect donations.
Companies that want to donate can put up banner ads and donate money based on the popularity of the banner.
The relationship between politicians and supporting companies will also become clearer to the public.
This kind of competition between tax evasion criminals and national tax, or rather, deception, this kind of mismanagement will never go away.
I remember the word ethics that I learned a long time ago.
Politics is the highest form of morality.
The person who said this was former Prime Minister Takeo Fukuda, whose father, Chairman Seido Koyama, was his attending physician.
I think he also advocated the dissolution of factions.
Political reform also became the original Mokami.
Lastly, the morality and ethics of the parties involved.
But what about the people’s sense of ethics and morality?
I think Japan is the country in Asia with the least amount of bribery.
But what about now?
The word “poverty" has become a dying word.

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Debt does not mean poverty
CEO Yasunari Koyama


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