6th year Faculty of Pharmaceutical Science

It’s been a long time since the pharmacy school became a 6-year system.
I sensed the enthusiasm of the pharmacists’ association to raise the social status of pharmacists to the same level as that of doctors, but I was worried that the number of students going to pharmacy schools would decrease.
The Faculty of Pharmacy has a high level of entrance examination.
There was an image that there were many smart women in science.
I also felt that there are many families whose parents are doctors and have economic power.
But my worries were not groundless, they were completely gone.
Now, it seems that there is a shortage of students in the newly established Faculty of Pharmacy.
It seems that the demand for pharmacists is predicted to decrease, rather than the popularity of pharmacy departments disappearing.
Jobs at pharmaceutical companies were more popular than hospital pharmacists.
The explosive increase in dispensing pharmacies continued to hire even new graduates, who were ultra-luxury.
About 40 years ago, as a rookie hospital manager, I went to the pharmacist association’s recruiting office almost every month.
There were about five pharmacists at an emergency hospital in Ginza, but at that time, many of them retired after getting married and giving birth.
It was a time when new graduates were given jobs at pharmaceutical companies with good welfare programs.
In today’s Ginza, you can see dispensing pharmacy chains in every chome.
Amazon has also entered the dispensing industry, and drugs are also sold by mail order from large dispensing factories.
Due to the shortage of workers in an aging society with a declining birthrate, the mechanization of AI robots is progressing at once.
Dispensing, the manual work of experts, will be mechanized at once.
Other jobs that are said to be specialist areas will probably be the same.
A long-distance truck driver, a train driver, a day service driver, a cook?
In time, doctors say, too.
Will the rest be managers who take imaginative and majestic risks?
Antonpreneur, ventures, investment banks.
Somehow, I feel like I’m not familiar with this world.
Is it true that I don’t want you to come?
I understand the desire to improve the quality of specialized education by making it a six-year system, but I think it would be more useful to send students to the field as soon as possible.
I think that universities should focus on re-educating professionals.
I would like you to actively mediate employment in the nursing care industry.
Patients are everywhere.
As long as there is a pediatrics department, there are jobs for pharmacists in the world of childcare as well.
First of all, is there anyone who is a pharmacist and would like to study infant medication?
Accepted at nursery school.
Sick child care requires more than just a pediatrician.
Both nutritionists and pharmacists need all the medical power.
Young people, old people, and children are all human beings.
You will also get sick.
Same patient.

Pulse oximeter 98/98/99
Body temperature 36.4 Blood sugar 151

What is still different from a toddler?
Even now still Yasunari-kun
CEO Yasunari Koyama


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