From long service, Towards a lifetime of Koyama

Yesterday was the long service award ceremony at Fuji.
View of Mt. Fuji from the Shinkansen station.
Don’t forget to take a coronavirus test before leaving home.
It is customary to get tested whenever you go on a business trip or gather a large number of people.
Koyama G is compiling daily data on coronavirus outbreaks at facilities across the country.
Recently, outbreaks have been seen again.
I feel like the number of Shinkansen trains will increase when it gets crowded.
Koyama G has decided to test all 14,000 employees for the coronavirus.
It is not enough to wait until the cluster has formed.
This is to find them even during the incubation period.
Although it will cost a huge amount of money, we want the staff working at the site and their families to feel safe.
Koyama’s medical and nursing care workplace must be the safest workplace in Japan.
In addition, the Ginza Clinic has begun offering health consultations after employee checkups.
From now on, I will start providing nutritional guidance online.
There are 1000 nurses in Koyama.
Nurses working at nursing homes will also be split up to provide nutritional guidance to the 14,000 staff members.
Using Ginza Clinic’s online health consultation system.
I think the essence of Koyama G is mutual aid, mutual help, and mutual encouragement among employees.
The long service award ceremony is also planned by each corporation, so it is not the same.
The text on the certificate of commendation and the commemorative gift are also different.
This time, everyone received a bouquet of flowers.
There were also cheering groups for those who took to the stage.
It’s like Koshien.
There are many people who have worked there for 10 or 20 years.
I still remember the look on the top person’s face when I joined the company as a new graduate employee.
He is now a great leader.
He is also wearing a tie and a suit.
It was an overwhelming day.
I would like to congratulate him on his long service, and I would like him to continue working at Koyama G for as long as possible.
It’s lifetime service.
They can also enter Koyama G’s hospital facility.
We want to fill Koyama G14,000 beds with the parents of 14,000 employees.
That’s enough.
You can work with peace of mind for the rest of your life.
There is no need to burden the child with nursing care.
As a staff member at the Koyama facility, my customers are the patients and users, but as a manager, my customers are the staff in front of me.
Now, everyone values the feeling of being family and relatives.
I believe that what has created such a family-oriented corporate culture is, first and foremost, human love.
If you have love for your partner, you will also have a sense of responsibility for raising young people.
Techniques will always be learned later.
The qualities required are love and a sense of responsibility.
That’s everything.
Now, on the 40th anniversary of Koyama, I was taught this once again.
Koyama will provide medical care to the staff and their families for the rest of his life.
Full-scale construction of staff dormitories and company housing is yet to begin.
Reconstruction of the facility has also begun.
The next person, who I was most worried about, is also growing steadily.
I wanted my late Father,the chairman of the board, to see it too.
Eventually, I will also be indebted to you all.
Thank you.
As a surprise, I also received a letter of commendation for my long service.
Indeed, since it was founded, it is the longest.
I will be wearing the Disney tie as a souvenir at the 40th anniversary ceremony.
Thank you, everyone at Koyama.

Pulse oximeter 98/99/99
Body temperature 36.6 Blood sugar 152

CEO Yasunari Koyama


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