Elevator or Escalator

Taisei-kun is a kindergartener. (kun is a prefex used for young males)
His mother will come pick him up.
On the way back, I sometimes buy side dishes at the department store at the terminal station.
In the elevator, it’s hard to breathe when you’re caught between adults, so I’m going to go into my mother’s arms and protect her.
Go up to the roof first.
There is a playground, a tropical fish market, a golf driving range, and amateur concerts.
Dads are drinking draft beer in the evening.
Such scenery on the rooftop of the department store has probably disappeared.
Shall we go check it out?
The top floor is a mid-year event hall.
Below that is the department store cafeteria.
Yasunari always eats an omelet or fried rice.
Spaghetti stains his clothes, so mom’s eyes are harsh.
Yasunari likes escalators more than elevators.
You can see the products on each floor.
Every floor was full of abundance.
Every day I go to the department store is Christmas.
Even though I was poor, I had a dream for the future.
I dreamed of becoming an adult.
I will become a fine adult.
like dad.
Why was he so naively dreaming about the future?
It was at dawn on Friday, November 23, 1963, that I felt uneasy about my dream of becoming an adult.
Yasunari was in a car that had just left the garage to go for a drive with his family.
It’s dawn and it’s still dark outside.
The news of the assassination of President Kennedy came on the radio.
Yasunari believed that he too would become a politician like Kennedy in the future.
But I decided to reconsider becoming a good politician.
I think he was the first to be conscious of human death and assassination.
Yasunari was in the third grade of elementary school.
As a result of this incident, the number of aspiring politicians has decreased by one.
Life going to the rooftop in an elevator.
Instead, take the escalator and go up one floor at a time, looking at each floor.
The other day, I took the escalator for the first time in a while and went down from the restaurant floor to the first floor.
At the halfway point, Disney dolls were on display and for sale.
I took one look, stopped, and bought all 60 on the spot.
The heart of a child, the wallet of an adult.
If my parents were there, they would be mad at me.

Pulse oximeter 97/96/97
Body temperature 36.6 Blood sugar 223

Taking a walk after white rice
CEO, Yasunari Koyama


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