Does the name portray the body?

A major shipbuilding company changes its name.
At least, they says, because the shipbuilding name is no longer appropriate for the current company’s business.
Denko disappeared from the names of companies that made electrical products.
Jiko disappeared from the name of the company that made the car.
It is true that products change over time.
Instead of making a car that moves, do you want to provide a service with the theme of movement?
It’s not to make a house, but to service life.
Because it develops various businesses, it will be a stylish clattering name.
What should Koyama G do?
Hospitals of medical medical corporations.
Nursing homes and nursery schools run by social welfare corporations.
Paid nursing home of a corporation.
It has grown through licensed business with name monopoly and business monopoly.
I think it’s okay to do peripheral service business, but until now, I’ve been concentrating on my core business.
The number of old people and young children will decrease.
Expanding the range of services is also an issue for the future.
Spread this with both hands.
Wing is said to spread wings.
At that time, what to do with the name of Koyama G?
Koyama Yasunari’s sole proprietorship, and with the determination to take personal responsibility, has called himself Koyama G until now.
Eventually, the time will come when Koyama and the medical welfare group will disappear from Koyama G.
What time is it?
When did I retire?
further ahead?
If I don’t change myself, it will be rather difficult for the successor.
I’m getting old while thinking about various things.
Is the time left for me long or short?
Tomorrow seems endless.
Today feels like it’s over now.
I can’t think of tomorrow as mine.
I desperately ran through that sad day.
It’s not a movie where the world ends in two and a half hours.
It starts today.
even in heavy rain.

Pulse oximeter 97/98/98
Body temperature 36.5 Blood sugar 205

Poe’s clan
CEO Yasunari Koyama


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