Thunderbird in operation

The Disaster Welfare Wide Area Support Network Thunderbird was established with my suggestion and donations.
The first representative recommended the director of a nursing home who was the most suitable person and had a proven track record.
I think it was the right choice.
Thanks to the success of the first representative, the Thunderbirds became very active and well known in society.
We also receive subsidies from the government and are conducting research projects.
The current representative is also the third generation, but they have been comrades since the company’s founding.
However, a research team has already been in place for this year’s Noto Peninsula earthquake, and as can be seen in television reports, in the current situation, even if we go to help, there is a possibility that it will cause more trouble.
If so, please donate now.
Generally, the Japan Red Cross is the destination for sending relief funds.

However, at the time of the Great East Japan Earthquake, I received an inquiry from someone affiliated with Harvard University.
When I introduced JRCS to them, they asked if there were any others.
The reason is that the JRCS charges a 25% commission.
I don’t know how true or false it is, and I don’t know what the current law is.
Indeed, it is common knowledge that aid organizations that ask for donations on United Nations television and the Red Feather Fund take a percentage of their operating expenses.
Organizations that collect donations incur considerable costs, including office expenses, personnel expenses, and public relations expenses.
Television advertising is not something that TV stations and agencies do on a volunteer basis.
Broadcast fees will be charged.
That’s why I don’t donate to organizations that advertise on TV.
I try to donate directly to organizations that I feel comfortable with.
My first choice was the mother and child support facility and nursery school where I am the director.

Earn your own money and spend it yourself.
Don’t leave it up to others how to use it.
Donations are not made out of conscience.
They donate as part of their own social activities.
It is the most rewarding activity of my life.
Our support for the Noto Peninsula earthquake will begin with donations.
I would like to ask anyone reading this diary who is thinking of sending a donation.
I would like you to become a member of Thunderbird.
The annual membership fee for regular members is 5,000 yen.
If you would like to join, please contact us.
I will be the person recommending membership.
Then, I will send the same amount as the annual membership fee of 5,000 yen that you sent to Thunderbird to the site through Thunderbird.
There are no fees.

hen, get information about becoming a member and, if possible, get involved in some way.
They have a will and act on their own.
They act on their own for their own satisfaction, not out of obligation or obligation.
That’s volunteering.
Let’s take action.
with me.
We look forward to hearing from you.

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Body temperature 36.6 Blood sugar 196


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