Three-way intersection

Yasunari-kun is in the 6th grade of elementary school and will be a junior high school student next spring.
On New Year’s Eve, we eat soba noodles that his mother boiled for us.
Then, after listening to the New Year’s bell on TV, his family goes out by car late at night and goes to Tokyo Tower.
I was the first to climb the emergency stairs of the tower.
I still remember climbing that tower very well.
I can see people climbing the stairs, both above and below, holding hands, looking cold.
There are many families.
Everyone is aiming for the observation deck of Tokyo Tower.
The purpose is to watch the first sunrise of the year.
Yasunari-kun is the eldest brother, and once he becomes a junior high school student, he is one step closer to becoming an adult and has a strong desire to welcome the new year.
Yasunari-kun is trying his best, but now that I think about it, it must have been difficult for his parents.
Fifty-six years ago, his parents would have gone out for a drive late at night on New Year’s Eve if the child had requested.
The first sunrise in the middle of the night must have been clearly visible from the observatory, but I don’t remember much about it.Maybe it was a human head and I didn’t get to worship it much.
Then, take the elevator and go down the mountain.
I guess he slept in the car after that.
I have no memory of New Year’s Day.
I wish I had something to think about on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.
Since I lost my father and since the coronavirus, I wake up every morning as if it were New Year’s Day.
I worship the sunrise, bow my head, and pray for a safe day.
That’s how I feel when I wake up every morning.
It was the last day of this year, and it was a frustrating day.
I can’t relax even today.
How will President Putin and President Zelenskiy feel today?
There are no bombings in Tokyo right now, but every morning I worry about whether there will be an earthquake today, and I worry about storing water and food.
Is the shelter an air raid shelter or a solo camp in the city?
I have loved biographies of great people since I was a child, and even as an adult I read all the biographies of successful people.
world-class politicians and business leaders.
Churchill, Thatcher, John F. Kennedy, Mao Zedong, Nixon, Kissinger, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates.
I like adventure novels because the characters of the heroes and their lives stand out.
I received a lot of advice from a friend of my father’s who is the head of a large company.
What I remember is.
Hang out with successful people.
Work with lucky people.
Have faith and confidence that you will succeed.
Believe in your luck.
On the other hand, relax your shoulders and be humble.
Work with great people.
Don’t trust people.
Which path should I take next year?
Is there a correct and straight path between right and left?
In the fog, I still couldn’t see the road ahead.
But at least from now on, the world’s economy will go downhill.
Look for the blue sky while being careful where you step.
There is no denying that there is anxiety and fear.
But it’s a relief to know that I have friends who read this diary.
I recalled that when I was in elementary school, my family climbed to the 5th rest stop on Mt. Fuji.
By car, of course.
The view at No. 5 point was so foggy that we couldn’t see anything below ..
Still, we climbed halfway up the mountain.
Ahead is a three-way intersection.
Which path will you take?
No one will tell you.
That’s what I think.
You don’t have to reach the top.
While climbing and descending.
It’s fine as long as you’re alive.
It’s good to be with friends.
As long as I can keep writing this diary in my daily life, it’s fine.
That’s my thoughts this morning.
My usual wish.
I could hear the sound of rain.
New Year’s Eve looks cold and dark.
Will I be able to see the first sunrise?
Either way, this year will bring the curtain down.
Good luck next year, everyone.
thank you very much.

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