The feeling of straw paper

Delicious memories are more about the aroma than the taste on the tongue.

Scents of madeleines, bouillabaisse, and stew.

There was also the scent of miso soup and oden.

And the scent of wine and brandy.

The scent of black tea is a memory of peace.

Memory of knowledge is tactile.

When you pick up a book at the library or bookstore.

Memories of knowledge come back just by looking at the spines of books on the bookshelf.

Just looking at the back of a book reminds me of the content.

Just by picking up a book, tracing the spine of the book with my fingers, and touching the cover with my hand, I am reminded of the time when I first read it.

Visiting libraries and used bookstores is like time travel.

These days, I read newspapers online, so I rarely pick up paper newspapers.

On my desk are scissors with a blade about 50 centimeters long and a ruler.

Everyone will be surprised, but this is not to cut your head off.

These scissors are specifically for newspaper clippings.

A ruler is also a tool for cutting out newspapers.

When I was in elementary school, my hobby was making scrapbooks of newspaper clippings.

I think his memory of knowledge is a tactile memory of touch.

He wants you to remember the muscle memory of your fingers when you hold a pencil.

Would you like to go back to the days when you sat at your desk and studied?

Paper newspapers may eventually disappear.

I stopped subscribing to paper newspapers because I was tired of throwing away newspapers.

I was also reluctant to throw away paper.

If newspaper delivery offices only collected newspapers for recycling, the number of paper subscribers might increase.

All of them are probably impossible because it’s a matter of time and cost.

Now, back to the memory of the book.

I was the library chair of my high school.

One of the librarian’s duties was to replace the covers of old books.

Mainly old, old Iwanami Bunko.

Cut off the spine of the book using a cutting machine.

While being careful not to cut off his fingers.

Then, a new cover is attached with glue and the book is placed in a pressure welding machine.

The process remains in my memory as a tactile experience.

It’s a memory of craftsmanship.

Memories of not only skills but also knowledge are derived from memories of muscles and touch.

Memories of books you’ve never read or books you thought you’d forgotten come back to you like an old lover just by picking it up from the bookshelf and looking at the cover.

When I was in elementary school, I used straw paper to study with my girlfriend.

That touch must be somewhere in my memory.

With memories of elementary school.

Pulse oximeter 95/98/97

Body temperature: 36.7 Blood sugar: 203 Thai rice cooked in soup stock

Lost Memories

CEO Yasunari Koyama


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