Online medical treatment

From April, online medical treatment will be deregulated.
At Ikiiki Plaza, a special nursing home for the elderly.
It is understandable for doctors to be concerned that they cannot make a diagnosis because they are responsible for remote medical examinations that cannot be performed in person or for examinations.
However, there are also situations on the patient side where medical care is not readily available in rural areas or on remote islands.
Depending on the region, the medical environment required varies and is not uniform.
Outpatient treatment at a hospital with specialized doctors and testing equipment.
Outpatient care at a doctor’s office.
House call. home care.
It is good to have access to diverse medical care.
I think this discussion is due to the difference in the positions of patients and doctors regarding how access should be.
The stance is different, but I think that the convenience of the other party and the understanding of the situation are insufficient.
From a management perspective, there is a discrepancy between the logic of the service provider and the demand of the service buyer.
Market theory, liberal economics, and the logic of capital are inseparable.
That being said, we can see the financial limits of the state’s responsibility for social security.
I analyze this as the simultaneous equations of the social compensation problem and the religious controversy.
Koyama G decided to start by managing the health of its 14,000 employees and their families.
He starts with health consultations and second opinions from specialists in Ginza.
As part of employee benefits.
At corporate expense.
Comprehensive medical examinations in Ginza will also be enhanced with corporate expenses.
In fact, the transportation fee to Ginza and the hotel fee are large.
However, it also serves as a dinner with me and an interview, so I will do it as much as possible.
The 25-year long-time employee will have a Kabuki or Takarazuka performance with me, and a dinner party.
For that reason, we will maintain all corporations and all facilities in the black.
His father said that a man who was not in good health was not qualified to save lives.
For me, the manager’s customers are the staff in front of me and their families.
If you can’t protect the lives of the staff from corona and provide a healthy life, you don’t have the qualification to save the patient’s life.
From the family’s point of view, it’s all about creating a safe medical and welfare work environment.
For me.
Even if I myself do not take the lead on the scene, I am responsible for the rear support.
The end-of-term board meeting will continue this month.
The next fiscal year’s budget is characterized by budgeting for staff.
After 40 years of Koyama G, I finally reached this stage.
It’s been a long time so far, but the battle will continue.
The socio-economic environment deteriorated at once.
Beyond human capital investment, it is a battle for survival.
Koyama G is a living community of symbiosis and mutual aid.
Some employees may find it annoying and annoying.
I want you to forgive me for thinking that it was a meddlesome old man’s involvement.

Pulse oximeter 97/97/98
Body temperature 36.1 Blood sugar 193

Both rice and bread, hydrous carbon is delicious.
CEO Yasunari Koyama


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