Competent and wicked, or good and incompetent

With 40 years of experience as a manager, I know many consulting companies.
In most cases, referral to a good doctor.
He trusts him because of that, but he often ends up in a terrible situation.
When he asked me to show him a day service, he created a staff behavior manual and started a day service franchisee.
without my knowledge.
I thought it was rude, but there were many people who visited the day service.
In addition, the company that asked for a sales consultant for the medical examination center pulled out the staff and created a rival medical examination center.
If you think about it, the job of a consultant is to receive money and learn know-how.
A number of the leading consulting firms had effectively bought out the clinics and hospitals they consulted for.
He must have worked with a bank.
Originally, the client probably wanted to let go of the business, but even so, I was afraid that it was a disgusting company.
I’m sure he approached me through a doctor I trust with the aim of acquiring the Koyama Group as well.
Scammers have been warned by people familiar with the industry when they come in contact through someone they trust.
I see.
Also, such companies change their names when they become notorious.
I see.
But they are all good businessmen.
He studied at an American university and has a brilliant history.
I am just doing business as a businessman.
There are similar people in banking, securities, real estate, lawyers, accountants, and tax accountants.
All good business people learn from their clients.
and grow and grow.
Medical and welfare people are naive, trusting and relying too much.
Partnering with companies in the nursing care business carries the same risks.
I guess it’s a business of eating or being eaten by each other.
But I couldn’t stand it, so I came to the world of medical corporations, social welfare corporations, and NPOs.
The public utility business of public interest corporations will also become a tough business world due to government policies.
I’m honestly worried about whether I can be a cool manager.
Competent and vice, or good and incompetent.
We have become a world where not only consulting companies but also ourselves are questioned.
Koyama G wants to be good and competent.
Is it possible?

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White rice, nuts and raisins are dangerous
CEO Yasunari Koyama


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