Christmas Eve Prayer

I just realized that today is Christmas Eve.

I need to check the date to write this diary.

It is said that people who are bored forget the days of the week, and people who are busy forget the date.

Since I’m stuck at home on the weekends, I usually only think about Friday and Monday, and forget the dates.

Every day, every month, I feel like I’m riding an escalator due to the board meeting schedule.

Christmas, which seems to be the end of the year, hasn’t stopped since last week when I attended a Christmas party at a mother and child support facility.

I couldn’t find anything else that looked like a Christmas party.

How lonely.

Is this a social phenomenon since the coronavirus?

The streets of Ginza don’t really feel like Christmas either.

I can’t hear jingle bells from the street corners.

There are no Christmas specials on TV either.

Are words like the Christmas sales season dead?

It was several years ago that I bought a lot of Christmas cakes from Swan Bakery, a vocational center for people with disabilities run by the Yamato Welfare Foundation, and distributed them at work.

I wonder if the cakes will be cheaper when I go to a store in Ginza tomorrow.

Perhaps now is not the time.

Lately, my eyes have been getting tired and I’ve been reading less and less.

It’s true that I don’t find new books appealing these days.

The old books kept at the facility were more intellectually stimulating.

It’s a masterpiece, a classic.

Not only is it nostalgic, but I also feel that it is more about the way of thinking, intellectual approach, and aesthetic sense than knowledge.

Maybe I haven’t made much progress.

I guess it’s just my brain getting older.

Lately, I don’t watch TV at home, instead listening to lectures by YouTubers on the internet and news programs while I sleep.

I end up falling asleep, but the computer automatically advances the program and the program continues.

It’s like sleep learning.

Since similar content is automatically searched, similar programs continue to appear.

I see, opinions can become radical on the internet.

Because we hear only convenient and agreeable opinions, we tend to believe that.

Is there any software to search for programs with opposing opinions?

I think it’s possible with AI.

It is also important to maintain a balance of thought.

Surfing the Internet is easy and fun.

However, it is easy to get carried away by waves of opinions.

In comparison, reading is like climbing a mountain alone.

I wish I had climbed more mountains while I was young and physically fit.

I can’t help but feel like I want to be swept away by the waves.

I still haven’t forgotten the intellectual map I created in my head when I was young.

The intellectual adventure of exploration continues.

Now it’s just my computer and the world inside my head.

The real world is full of painful things.

The only thing I enjoy doing is going to Disney with young people.

Dark, heavy movies are also a punishment.

When I’m in this kind of mood, I only watch sci-fi movies with flashy spaceships, Indian movies with endless dancing, or masala movies.

My heart is soaring.

Even if you are bedridden, in bed with a blanket over your head.

Merry Christmas❗️

Pulse oximeter 98/98/97

Body temperature 36.5 Blood sugar 93

Bedridden Santa

CEO Yasunari Koyama


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