Koyama G’s business matrix

Tokyo Disneyland is celebrating its 40th anniversary.
Same history as Koyama G.
In the world of the coronavirus pandemic, Disney’s management is also at a turning point.
Disney’s business can be categorized as original film production.
Disneyland theme park business.
Three types of TV station broadcasting business.
When I think about Koyama G, I wonder if it’s medical, nursing care, and welfare facilities and educational projects.
Can a complex like Ikiiki Plaza, which combines nursing homes, senior housing, cultural halls, and sports clubs, be called a health care theme park?
As I looked around the world of Koyama G, I noticed a conflicting concept.
Originated in Ginza, urban and rural areas.
Elderly people in nursing homes and children in nursery schools.
And new graduate recruitment and older employment.
It may seem forced, but it may be helpful in thinking about Koyama G’s future growth.
Another important point of view is whether it is facility management or educational business.
Is a university hospital a medical facility or an educational facility?
I think it’s both.
Koyama G wants to be like that too.
It is a pity that Koyama G does not have a school corporation.
There are no religious corporations or political organizations, but we will refrain from discussing this.
You may want to consider mutual aid associations and health insurance associations.

Pulse oximeter 97/98/99
Body temperature 36.5 Blood sugar 147

A belly full of water at dawn
CEO, Koyama Yasunari


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