Hina Dolls of Koyama Group(Hina dolls are decorated with parents’ prayers to protect their daughters from injury and illness and to build a happy family in the future.)

At the facility of Koyama G, as a cornerstone, the names of the construction staff involved in the opening and the names of the staff at the time of opening are displayed on panels in the lobby.
The number of people is over 1200 people at one facility.
More than 1,000 construction workers.
The number of open staff exceeds 100.
You can also find Asian names there these days.
Setting up a facility is a lot of work.
I praise the person who took on the hardships as a person who has contributed to the digging of Koyama’s well.
Thanks to that, the current staff and residents are able to drink well water.
My name should be somewhere too.
Every facility has its ingenuity in terms of design.
The nursing home in Kawasaki City has become the Lego Museum.
On the cornerstone there are cute little Lego figures with the names of the staff written on them.
A cute, lovable Lego doll.
Everyone wears different clothes and faces.
They may have chosen dolls that resembled each employee.
There is a mix of men and women, but I suddenly noticed something.
This is Koyama G’s hina doll.
It is said that dolls have a soul.
Koyama G does not suit authoritarian things like the statue of the founder.
I think my heart is put into this cute Lego doll.
My child is in every facility.
I want you to make my portrait and doll out of Lego.
Reminds me of Toei’s Daimajin.
Yasunari made plastic models of Astro Boy and Tetsujin 28-go.

Pulse oximeter 98/97/97
Body temperature 36.9 Blood sugar 170

Currently joruri puppet
CEO Yasunari Koyama


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