Countries with few strikes and volunteers

I have always thought that Japan is a country with fewer nesters and volunteers than America.
In Japan today, even though wages are said to be low worldwide, there are no strikes at large companies.
So why won’t my salary go up?
Is that why the Japanese economy continues without deflation leading to inflation, without growth or collapse?
However, volunteer activities in Japan are not as energetic as in Europe and America.
This means that local activities are not active.
In Japan, the pillars of the social maintenance and coexistence activity structure are located in different places.
This is not a matter of saying which one is better.
The social structure of Japan is different from that of Europe and America.
In other words, I would like to say that the structure of the medical and welfare systems in society is also different.
I think it is important that Japan’s government and large companies provide generous welfare benefits.
As a small business owner, I’m envious of large government corporations, but I want them to lead the way.
Small and medium-sized schools are finally able to follow suit.
It would be good if officials and politicians had higher salaries.
I would like the Prime Minister to receive 100 million yen.
Instead, I want people who are worthy of their annual income to become the country’s managers.
It also allows for bonuses linked to national average income.
It would be good to create a bonus system for government officials that is linked to national happiness.
If the number of unhappy citizens decreases, a corresponding increase in consumption tax will be allowed.
Am I the only citizen like this?
The United Auto Workers union strike in the United States rallied to raise wages.
This will cause the American auto industry to lose out to other countries.
It also brought together strikes from Hollywood’s writers and actors unions.
Movie production in Hollywood is already the most expensive in the world, so more and more movies are being produced in Canada and the UK.
An increasing number of original works are based on anime and games.
We are now in an era where scripts can also be produced using AI.
CG also reduces the number of actors involved.
The capital that has been used to make movies in Hollywood will flow to companies like Netflix.
After a strike, the industry will inevitably change to new players.
This could be an opportunity for film production in Asia.
What will be the fate of Japan?

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