Disaster relief toilet network

In the toilet trailer, there are four toilet rooms, and it can be towed by a car. Currently, 20 municipalities nationwide own it through crowdfunding. It should be transported to Noto now. The mayor of Fuji serves as the representative of the municipal cooperation. There is Koyama Rehabilitation Hospital in Fuji City. Immediately, consultations are being held with the city to place a toilet trailer at the hospital. It costs between 12 to 15 million yen for one. However, it can also be rented out for festivals. Usually, it can be placed in parks. The trailer has tires and is easy to tow but expensive. In terms of cost, container houses are cheaper. Recently, some people have been living in container houses as vacation homes. Recently, there have been continuous consultations about using container houses in times of disaster. Rather than relying on subsidies, it is considered whether it can be viable as a private business by considering regular use. My proposal is to rent out toilet containers as beach houses, ski resorts, and parks on a regular basis and transport them to disaster areas in times of disaster. The targets are companies manufacturing container houses, major construction companies, and policy research institutes. I think it’s difficult to make it a profitable business. At least, efforts should be made to receive subsidies for disaster prevention for about half of it, I advised. How about Thunderbird also owning disaster response container houses through crowdfunding? Regular storage can be done at Thunderbird member hospital facilities. Volunteers should be organized into formations to achieve results. For that, camping cars, trailer houses, and container houses are necessary. A backup base is needed for their maintenance. Support networks for hospitals and care facilities need to be further enhanced. The Koyama G Health Design Network was established for that purpose.

Pulse oximeter: 96, 97, 97 Body temperature: 36.7 Blood sugar: 165

Mobil era
Koyama G CEO Koyama Yasunari


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