Museum idea

When I was a student, I was a fan of cultural anthropology.

He’s not a classmate, he’s just a fan.

After Kinji Imanishi, Monology is Japan’s unique monkey ecology.

Tadao Umesao Folklore Museum.

I went to that museum yesterday.

It’s been 40 years since I went there, and it’s been 50 years since I first went there.

It was designed by Kisho Kurokawa, and like the New National Museum of Art in Nogizaka, it is Kurokawa’s masterpiece.

It is called Metabolism and is designed to allow for expansion.

In fact, there are more exhibition venues than in the past.

In fact, this design was utilized in the design of the elderly health facility in the early days of Koyama G.

I remembered that.

Museum exhibitions are not just about preserving artifacts from the past.

The exhibition covers geographically the differences in folk culture around the world.

And in chronological order.

This is perfect for understanding folk culture in three dimensions.

If culture refers to fashion, architecture, housing, and lifestyles, I think folklore is a necessary basic concept for analyzing modern culture.

Tadao Umesao, a member of the Kyoto School, and Sakyo Komatsu, a science fiction writer, influenced my way of thinking.

Japanese cities and regions.

Japan and the world.

And the past, present and future.

My way of thinking is to bring together seemingly completely different concepts, collide them, and spark a spark.

I noticed this for the first time while walking around the ethnic museum.

Although I have never been able to become a researcher of folklore, I may be a practitioner of folklore.

Community medical care and community welfare.

Nursing care is a culture.

We will continue to evolve and grow nursing care based on Japanese culture.

Based on the medical foundation of science and supported by society.

This is also the construction of society.

Medical welfare is the cornerstone of society.

Once again, I became aware of the obvious things.

We will continue to walk this path with confidence.

For the lives of our employees and their families.

I am already being cared for by everyone’s hands.

So I was able to travel.

My life of traveling will continue.

I think so, it was a journey.

Pulse oximeter 98/98/99

Body temperature 36.4 Blood sugar 155

Cultural Drift and Mountain Climbing

CEO Yasunari Koyama


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