Name I can’t remember

I can’t remember the word Diabetes.
I want you to pronounce it and see.
It’s hard to say, so it’s hard to remember.
That’s why it probably won’t spread to the general public.
Words that don’t stick in your head are as if they don’t exist in the world.
In other words, people no longer care about the existence of the most serious disease for Japanese people.
When it comes to politicians, there are some whose names I simply cannot remember.
I will not vote for such a person.
I wonder if there is something special about names that are difficult to remember.
I think names are important.
There was a father who named his child the devil.
I feel sorry for that child.
There was a manga in which the devil appeared.
Also, what about girls with sparkling names?
Will that person shine?
If it were me, I would become a recluse.
A long time ago, there was an attempt to call the Yamanote Line E-den.
Japanese National Railways at the time.
But no one called me that.
And now, it is no longer called the Yamanote Line.
Only a train.
The name Yasunari is also quite a name when you think about it.
If I don’t succeed in my work, it’s a shame.
I feel like I’m losing my name.
My father or grandfather must have given it to me.
That’s what my father calls the holy path.
Pronounced as Masamichi.
However, all of my classmates from my first high school days called me Seidou.
It’s a name that requires you to be a missionary or a doctor.
He’s glad he became a doctor.
Once upon a time, there was a movie about a swindler selling Bibles.
It reminded me of something boring.
When I go to bed on weekends, I always remember something strange.
I also thought that if I were good at writing haiku and writing, I would use my haiku name as Taisei.
This makes Koyama Yasunari read as Kozan Taisei.
The characters I write are like Arabic characters.
Bad handwriting itself.
At least, it cannot be imitated by others.
You don’t have to worry about forging your signature.
Banks are probably relieved as well.

Pulse oximeter 93/97/97
Body temperature: 36.8 Blood sugar: 256 Cracker Hakumai shock.

Today we will have a seasonal meal
CEO Yasunari Koyama


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