Political, economic and cultural party

Fund-raising parties sponsored by politicians are also called political, economic, and cultural parties.
My father worked at a hospital run by the Ministry of Finance, so many of his patients were politicians from the Ministry of Finance, and through that connection, I even had the then Prime Minister become an advisor to a hospital in Ginza. .
My junior high school, which is my alma mater, is close to the National Diet, and many of its graduates are politicians.
There must be around 30 people across the country.
This is a public junior high school attended by the son of a local politician who lived in the councilors’ quarters.
The current Prime Minister is also two years my junior.
That’s all.
That’s why I end up buying a lot of party tickets for politicians.
I personally buy quite a few.

If you buy a party ticket as an individual, your donation will be tax deductible, so you are openly making a personal political donation.
As long as a politician has the right intentions and understands medical welfare, it doesn’t matter what party he or she belongs to.
Medical politicians know you through the Medical Association Hospital Association.
The current Minister of Health and Welfare has been supporting the team at the hospital association since the first match.
The former Minister of Health and Welfare is also a classmate of mine from junior high school.
He was always one grade higher than me.
That’s all.
My life after graduation was quite different.
The classmates’ parties are also different from the past, and there are now more breakfast parties.
At the politicians’ breakfast meetings that I attend, we don’t invite big-name politicians as guests; instead, the politicians themselves talk about their policies.
Such politicians can be trusted.
The ticket price is 20,000 yen, so it’s not cheap, but it’s a good learning experience for me, and I don’t have to drink alcohol, so I like participating.
However, the ticket will be carefully brought to you by the politician himself or his secretary.
As with concert ticket sales, the sellers are having a hard time.

I always tell them that it would be a waste of time and money, so I would be happy if they could just send it to me.
I guess that would be disrespectful to the supporters who bought it.
However, as a true supporter, I wish that more of that time could be spent on campaigning.
Moreover, I am not a constituent of his constituency.
And many secretaries’ salaries are low.
Therefore, some people receive allowances from ticket sales in the form of commissions.
There are many secretaries to politicians who are like his disciples.
In Japan, it costs a lot of money to run for office.
Elections will take longer.
Politicians, why don’t you become YouTubers who talk about policy and collect membership fees through that?
Or through online crowdfunding.
This may be a violation under current election laws.
Since we have mail-in voting, it would not be surprising to see online voting in the future.
If online campaign fundraising and elections become online, the hotel hosting the event may be in trouble.

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