The Bubble burst

Stock prices hit their highest since the real estate bubble.

Following trading company stocks, the stock prices of major insurance companies have soared.

The reason is simply that profits are increasing.

The sharp rise is partly due to the decrease in large-scale disasters.

But I think the main reason is that Japanese people are living longer.

Regarding life insurance, if the policyholder lives longer than the average life expectancy at the time of the contract, the death benefit will be paid out earlier.

That much money remains with the company.

Nowadays, the country is at peace and people’s life expectancy is increasing.

This means that insurance companies are guaranteed profit growth.

However, in a world where people live longer, there are some services that will be a loss.

Medical insurance and nursing care insurance.

The longer we live, the more medical and nursing care services we need.

In fact, lifespans have increased and costs have increased.

This will always lead to financial difficulties.

So, I would like to make a suggestion.

What if the financial resources and income and expenditure of medical insurance, long-term care insurance, pension, and life insurance were integrated?

Plus or minus zero.

Wouldn’t this help stabilize and stabilize financial resources?

Medical fee revisions will be negative.

Nursing care insurance revisions will not exceed medical fee revisions, so nursing care insurance will likely go down as well.

Isn’t the rise in stock prices a sign of the bursting of the medical and nursing care bubble?

Anxious business owners have endless worries.

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Long Life Hope

CEO Yasunari Koyama


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