Financial calm

Stock prices in Japan are rising, and the yen continues to depreciate.
Interest rates are said to rise, but the financial situation is still lax.
This is somewhat similar to the atmosphere before the real estate bubble burst 30 years ago.
Strangely enough, both society and the economy have calmed down.
just before the collapse.
the day before the storm.
I can’t help being scared.
Now, if interest rates really rise, the economy will change at once.
Increased company bankruptcies.
Even medical and welfare facilities, which should be safe, begin to go bankrupt.
Last year, there was a 7 billion yen bankruptcy declared by social welfare corporations.
There are also 13 billion yen bankruptcies declared by medical corporations this year.
Today’s medical welfare facilities are large, and even if there is public financing, most of them are debts.
I’m grateful for the corona loan, but this will also start repayment.
It is not a subsidy.
The social infrastructure of medical care, nursing care and childcare will also be closed and bankrupt.
There will be fewer elderly people and fewer children.
Schools also have fewer students, but universities and schools still have financial strength as corporations.
Most of the corporations in the medical and welfare sector are family-run small and medium-sized enterprises and family businesses.
Can a nursery school without children become a day service?
Will elderly housing become ordinary condominiums?
In this world, it is difficult to change industries because it is regulated and protected by law.
This is because we are a group of nationally certified specialists and professionals.
And the consciousness of working people is also conservative.
Even if an old facility is replaced with a new, future-oriented facility integrated with medical care, nursing care, and childcare, it cannot be operated without changing the awareness of workers as professionals.
Even though I trained staff with multi-metaverse capabilities, I realized that managers were actually the most conservative and narrow-minded.
There are no ambidextrous executives in medical care.
Nursing care and childcare are different, and the language of education is different, so there is no mention of interaction.
And it is the executives who are trapped by the successful experiences they have had so far.
am I not?
I have experienced many social changes and system reforms.
The current facility system will enter a period of decline in 10 years.
I think the current facility system is also at the end of its lifespan.
At the very least, the reward unit price will be reduced.
Furthermore, as a facility building, it will have a life of 30 years.
Finally, there is the longevity of the manager’s life.
Changing management can be the hardest part.
The result may change easily, but there may be further growth.
It’s a pity that I can’t figure it out.
We have no choice but to look forward to the future, believe in it, and nurture young executives.
There are still many things I want to entrust to my successor.
This is also something that cannot be conveyed unless we climb mountains together and overcome rough seas.
I can’t even climb a mountain on my shoulders.
How far can I climb with my own feet?
Even with a cane and relying on the railing.

Pulse oximeter 96/99/97
Body temperature 36.1 Blood sugar 197

Hoist the sails and leave the beach
CEO Yasunari Koyama


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