This week, there was a local election, and there was a lot of noise around my house with election cars calling.
I’m not saying it’s a nuisance.
Unless it’s like this, I don’t even know his name.
The existence is known only by the election leaflet that enters the mailbox at home.
No one is listening to the person who is holding a microphone in front of the station and calling repeatedly.
At least I want you to know my name.
It’s a painful effort.
The policies are the same for all candidates and cannot be compared.
I’m sorry, but the local elections in Tokyo feel far from the citizens.
Tokyo governor, ward mayor, metropolitan assembly member, ward assembly member.
And a member of parliament.
What I envy when I go to rural areas is that I can see the faces of politicians so close to me.
Is Tokyo too big or has too many people?
No, I think that the range of activities of the citizens of Tokyo is too large.
Then, should the constituencies be divided into smaller ones according to the population?
However, many office workers in Tokyo have different electoral districts for their residences, workplaces, and schools.
My husband and I have different work environments.
The living area is an apartment that only sleeps.
Many people are like that.
There are few remaining local-based shopping districts, and there are only a few privately owned shops.
That being said, the current situation is the only electoral method suitable for democracy.
The electoral districts and the number of legislators will be reviewed according to the population ratio, but the faces of politics in big cities and rural areas are too different.
Japanese politics is inconsistent.
Is that democracy?
As someone who has many opportunities to compare both Tokyo and rural areas, I understand the difficulty of elections.
By the way, elections in cities are tough.
especially your family.
I think I know a lot of politicians all over the country.
This time also, some candidates were elected for the first time with hundreds of votes.
With hundreds of votes, some candidates cried as runners-up.
The elected candidate will start from the bottom of the 1th grade of the assembly, so this is also hard.
If you lose the election, you’ll find out if you’re a true friend in your future relationships.
A new life begins for both of them.
Either way, I am a constant friend.
Thank you for your good work.

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Body temperature 36.3 Blood sugar 234

Not a politician, but a citizen
CEO Yasunari Koyama


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