Having Meetings to reduce meetings

It is said that large companies that are in the red usually have too many meetings and maintain an irresponsible system.

When a consultant comes in, the first thing he does is reduce meetings.

However, there is also a famous joke that there are simply more meetings to reduce the number of meetings.

An organization can only be revitalized when passionate leaders emerge.

In large companies, top leaders who focus on the field are successful in reforming their businesses.

It’s not meaningless for owners to pay attention to even the smallest details on-site.

In the upcoming nursing care insurance revision, caregivers will receive a monthly allowance of 6,000 yen.

However, it appears that nursing homes will be required to have a business improvement committee.

Training is also required for bathers.

That’s a good thing, but it also takes time.

This means that labor costs will also be incurred.

Even now, the facilities with problems are those that are understaffed.

Even if the budget for meeting time increases.

This is a picture-perfect mochi.

Will requiring a business improvement committee lead to improvements?

I think this is just the government putting the responsibility on the front lines.

Rather, I would like the government to provide administrative training for administrative personnel, without worrying about budget or personnel.

I would also like to see private field training experience compulsory.

I would also like the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare to include people with more than 10 years of experience in the field on its committees.

The recent policy is to maintain the current system while improving it.

I don’t think I understand that, but I don’t think I can hold on to the site any longer.

When I joined the Hospital Association, I think there were five organizations with the name Hospital Association.

At that time, there was a hospital association leader who raised the flag that the hospital association should unite.

I paid attention to this and had high hopes, but all that resulted was an increase in the number of new hospital organizations with that person as the chairman.

That person is still waving the flag as honorary chairman.

Ideals and reality are different.

Rather than managing the workplace with a sense of distrust, we should give the workplace more freedom, responsibility, and budget, and make it a profession in which they can take pride.

And I would like for scandals to be severely punished.

Be that professional.

Whether it’s a doctor, an administrator, or a politician.

An administrative man who doesn’t know the situation on the ground.

Politicians who are always trying to please their constituents.

The media doesn’t shed any light on the scene.

The burden is heavy for private sector managers alone.

What should I do?

Every day, before dawn, before the morning sun, I sigh.

It’s not the name of the newspaper.

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Before Dawn

CEO Yasunari Koyama


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