Koyama health management

Healthy management means sound finances and a positive, open company culture free of sexual harassment and power harassment.
What is health management?
As a corporation, we must ensure the physical and mental health of our employees.
Right now, I don’t have the strength to guarantee it, but at least I can start by providing support.
I am reflecting on the fact that the medical and welfare workplaces are industries where employees are left to manage themselves and lack support and management from the corporate body.
Since we have a medical institution that provides complete health checkups, we would like to focus on health checkups and health management for all Koyama G employees.
We are also planning to provide lifelong health checkups for those who have retired after marriage or childbirth.
OBs will also be able to receive lifelong support and health consultations.
Koyama G is made up of many corporations across the country, so we leave health checkups and secondary tests to each corporation.
Manage it centrally.
Although we will not go as far as to establish the Koyama G Health Insurance Association, we would like to improve its functionality to rival that of the Koyama G Health Insurance Association.
I would like to improve the welfare of Koyama employees.
Our goal is to be on par with large Japanese companies.
We want to change this industry, like the Small and Medium Enterprise Federation.
You can get married and raise children.
Even if you are a single-parent household, you can find fulfilling medical and welfare work and income and a workplace where you can educate your children.
Specifically, we will improve staff dormitories and provide an education system for the children of staff members.
It requires huge profits and assets.
However, realizing this is Koyama G’s management goal.
It is also the personal life goal of Yasunari Koyama, the company’s manager.
Being able to do that makes my life as an elderly person living alone feel more secure.
Koyama G’s existence is also for me.
I have to make this happen, both for myself and for the staff living alone who live in a similar way.
I don’t have the power to change society, but I want to make the lives of my 14,000 employees happy.
I and my 14,000 fellow employees are on the same level.

Pulse oximeter 98/98/98
Body temperature 36.4 Blood sugar 128

Healthy 8th Station
CEO Yasunari Koyama


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