Average of 3343 yen

This is the average price of ties this year.
Prices have increased for the first time in 11 years.
The necktie is on the verge of becoming an endangered species, but it seems there are some signs of a comeback.
I’ve loved ties since I was in elementary school.
I was a mature child.
When I was in middle school, I wore a blazer and tie when I went out.
My hobbies are tea, coffee, and Sherlock Holmes.
As a child with British tastes and admired pipes.
Even when I was a student, I always wore a suit and tie and carried an attaché case.
Riding in my father’s old Benz.
When I entered the classroom, I was sometimes mistaken for the teacher.
Before I knew it, the three-piece set of a tie, chief, and badge became my standard fashion item.
I was taught that it was polite to wear formal clothes when going to concert halls, the Kabuki-za theater, and Takarazuka.
I think the same goes for going to the movie theater.
Especially at the movie theater in Hibiya Ginza.
If someone says that it’s because you don’t look good in casual clothes, I’d say that’s right.
I really don’t like casual clothes.
I feel embarrassed wearing it.
In particular, golf fashion is embarrassing.
Nowadays, I wears a tie even when participating in online meetings from home.
It’s a habit.
Just as I feel uncomfortable without a belt on, I feel like I’m naked without a tie around my neck.
Eventually, you might want to make ties for sleeping, ties for pajamas, and ties for bathing.
Every year, I go to a long-established tie specialty store in Ginza and buy a tie that corresponds to that year’s zodiac sign.
I also have a Mickey tie that I bought as a souvenir from Disneyland.
Matching Mickey cufflinks too.
Even if you change your necktie collection every day, you’ll still have enough for a year.
This is because they have not thrown away the old designs of ties from the past.
I don’t have to worry about it anymore, but I still have it because I can’t throw it away.
I want you to remember to wear your tie when I go into the coffin.
A tie is an essential part of your outfit for the long journey into eternity.
Anchor pin badge too.

Pulse oximeter 97/98/98
Body temperature 36.5 Blood sugar 186

The white rice is cooked
CEO Yasunari Koyama


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