Orthodontic caregiver

The existence of medical prisons is widely known.
The doctors who work there are called orthodontists.
I think it would be equivalent to a national qualification or a national civil servant.
Of course, there is a shortage of doctors, and prisons are reportedly having a hard time.
I’ve heard that inmates with illnesses caused by drinking or poor nutrition are transferred to medical prisons, and rich people can even eat steak.
The situation in prison also seems to depend on money.
Although it is not as bad as the United States, the number of criminals is increasing in Japan, and there seems to be a shortage of prisons.
Moreover, the number of elderly people is gradually increasing.
The number of prisoners requiring nursing care is increasing.
If you develop dementia, you know it’s going to be difficult.
If there is a need for medical treatment, the patient may be transferred to a private hospital.
Surgery patients, such as those with cancer, would do so.
However, under current law, elderly prisoners with dementia or who require nursing care cannot be sent to outside nursing care facilities.
What should I do?
I think the time will come when special nursing homes will be built inside prisons.
I wonder if the care workers who work here are called correctional care workers.
My personal theory is that medical care and nursing care will penetrate and spread throughout society, but this is unexpected.
There is no doubt that the power of medical care is needed in order to serve as an intermediate facility for reintegration into society.
But there is no one in charge of that.
But that doesn’t mean Koyama G can do it.
Everyone, please rest assured.
I haven’t thought about the prison I want to go to.

Pulse oximeter 98, 98, 98
Body temperature 36.7 Blood sugar 169

Not in a camp
CEO Yasunari Koyama


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