Tofu 7 changes

What kind of breakfast are you having on this hot summer morning?
Before and after writing this email, I eat while standing in the kitchen while listening to TV news.
It’s like a mother raising a child.
If you have time, boil somen noodles and soba noodles before eating.
It’s troublesome to cool it down, so I often eat it while it’s still warm.
During the rainy season, I sometimes buy them at the prefectural product store in Ginza.
Compared to soba soup from convenience stores, it has a stronger flavor.
In the pot after that, boiled eggs are made all at once.
Only use one bowl, one plate, and one pot.
I want you to think that it is the point of solo camping at home because it does not increase the number of dishes to wash.
In fact, I used to use camping gear.
As expected, I won’t do it now.
And tea with plenty of milk.
The main dish is a vegetable soup with 7 kinds of root vegetables and chicken that my sister makes in advance.
I never get tired of eating this every day.
I used to eat vegetables from convenience stores, but now I warm them up and eat them every day.
This is eaten with chirimen miscellaneous fish and ground sesame seeds.
If the soup is too hot, add a raw egg.
When I’m short on time, I eat chilled cold tofu with a spoon.
Drain into a bowl and mix in the dried sardines and ground sesame seeds.
Sometimes, mentaiko bought at Tsukiji is made into a paste and eaten on top.
This is recommended.
I think I have a good balance of nutrients.
I usually grill steaks on weekend mornings.
Delicious with just salt and pepper.
I think it’s the easiest dish.
Fried eggs are delicious, but washing the frying pan afterwards is a hassle.
Once a week, I eat Shokado bento at the hotel at hospital meetings and politicians’ breakfast meetings.
This drop is my life.
There was a time when I ate breakfast at the hotel almost every morning, but now I can’t even go to the movie theater, so I continue to have breakfast at home.
A long time ago, my grandmother laughed and said that cold tofu in the summer was my ice cream.
Now I can say that with the same smile.
It’s my sherbet.
By the way, the air conditioning in the dining room is set to 19 degrees.
I’m still patient with the heat once.

Pulse oximeter 98/97/97
Body temperature 36.1 Blood sugar 177

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