Between day and night

It’s already been a thousand times since I started writing this diary.
I started writing this diary after the coronavirus started and I was unable to meet my Koyama G friends.
Weekly meetings and training sessions in Ginza can no longer be held.
I have also been unable to tour facilities across the country.
It was around the time that we started holding online meetings, and all meetings immediately changed to Zoom.
All the TVs in Ginza have also changed to larger sizes.
Participants’ facial expressions were also clearly visible.
Since it is online, there are more participants than in the past.
I am also able to attend board meetings from home.
There were times when I fell asleep on the way and was woken up.
As a matter of fact, society has changed since the coronavirus outbreak, and the organization and management of Koyama G has also changed.
On the positive side, I can now easily participate in online facility director meetings for each corporation from Ginza.
Although I was only able to meet with a very small number of senior executives, I am now able to have casual discussions with many mid-level executives below them.
You can also participate in cross-sectoral workshops such as nursing subcommittee, counseling subcommittee, and nutrition subcommittee.
Most importantly, it has become easier for members of the Board of Directors and Board of Trustees.
Amidst such changes in organizational management, I felt lonely and anxious, so I started posting this diary not every morning, but from late at night until early morning.
At the most unstable time in my own heart.
I understand that there are many suicides in the early morning hours, and that the number of telephone consultations related to these problems is the highest.
Whether you like it or not, when you are alone in the dark, you come face to face with your innermost self.
During the day, the atmosphere is lively and energetic, surrounded by a large number of staff and visitors.
On the ring with high tension.
Many times a day, the battle bell rings and they step into the ring.
Sometimes the towel is thrown into the ring, but the fight is never over.
The bright daytime me and the dawn me now are two different people.
Medical welfare is a job where there is a big gap between public opinion and true intentions.
This is the time to confront the true feelings of people who can’t keep up with ideals.
For me.
Today I headed to the facility for the first time in a while.
From there, attend facility director meetings.
Local participation.
I’m tired from the summer, but it’s time to start getting ready for today.
First, take a hot bath.
Men are easy because they don’t need make-up.
Still, choosing today’s tie gives me a sense of today’s mood.
Lately, I’ve been sleeping more and more.
As a result, I felt more and more depressed.
It takes time to crawl up.
I can’t wait for the sunrise.
September is the month of disaster prevention training.
I wonder how the victims greeted each morning at the evacuation center.
Understand that feeling and go to rescue support.
I think the essence of disaster drills is to empathize with and feel the feelings of the victims.
Disaster drills are not just action drills, they are also rituals for that purpose.
It’s always a matter of the heart.
Of course, it is also a matter of politics, administration, and money.
It’s time for me to change from a weak individual to a strong manager and leader.
In the meantime, if there are real intentions and truth, I think that I am at this time.
The truth is always bitter and painful.
Luckily, Koyama G is not alone.
Even today, I’m going to be saved.

Pulse oximeter 98/98/98
Body temperature 36.3 Blood sugar 152

Evening star
CEO Yasunari Koyama


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