Personnel turnover rate

The staff turnover rate is sometimes asked to measure the quality of the corporation of the special nursing home for the elderly.
However, this is calculated only for full-time staff.
Koyama G is almost a full-time employee.
If you open a large nursing home in the city, it will take three years for the staff to settle down.
In the meantime, there are many unemployed people.
There are many people who want to work, but if they don’t like it, they will quit immediately.
It’s the difference between rural and urban.
Corporations that open new facilities almost every year have a high turnover rate.
So, I would like to ask you not to include facilities that have been newly opened for less than 3 years.
It’s a selfish hope.
On the other hand, corporations where most of the staff are part-time or dispatched have a low turnover rate.
This is because changes in part-time, dispatched, or outsourced staff do not constitute turnover.
I think it’s putting the cart before the horse to make comparisons based on the same turnover rate.
I also want you to see the full-time staff rate.
Every time I am asked about the turnover rate by scholars and government officials, I think about it.
I would like to hear the full-time ratio.

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Body temperature 36.5 Blood sugar 195

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CEO Yasunari Koyama


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