I hate not winning

There is a word called sore loser, but it dont apply to me at all.
Ever since I was a child, I have hated competition.
I hate hard work. I hate competition.
I don’t think anyone likes losing, but apparently I don’t like winning either.
I don’t really understand this devilish personality.
I hate gripping golf.
Yasunari-kun was always a duck, be it menko, begoma, or marbles, and he always ended up as an okera.
The bad boy wouldn’t let me go until my pocket was empty.
But even if I wins occasionally, I feels sorry for the loser and continues until I myself loses.
In my father’s mahjong, I heard that he would not let go of his opponent until he won, but I think I wanted to lose quickly and escape the tension of the game.
It’s a far cry from the stubborn, tenacious, and never-give-up image of a manager.
Neither games nor watching sports can be interesting unless you are particular about winning or losing.
Taisei-kun, who continues to lose his way in life, cannot become an enlightened Zen monk.
Nothing is more difficult for him than a moderate way of life.
Yasunari was told by his mother that he was incapable of doing moderately normal things.
I guess so.
But diet, exercise, work, all of them are daily life management, but this is difficult to sustain.
It was a rollercoaster-like, stimulating daily life of management and a diet that was like binge drinking.
Work has become an ever-increasing roller-coaster ride, far from a quiet life or a quiet mind.
With the help of the staff close to me, I manage to manage my work and life without any problems, but all I can do is change from a jet boat to a yacht at sunset.
Neither lose nor win.
It floats and does not sink.
Can’t we take refuge in the silent world of eternity and infinity?

Pulse oximeter 97/96/97
Body temperature 36.4 Blood sugar 193

Without enlightenment, without hesitation
CEO, Yasunari Koyama


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