Minus Medical fee revision

The next revision of medical fees will be negative.

It seems that the initial consultation fee and re-examination fee will be revised to -5.5%.

This has the effect of lowering the remuneration of doctors nationwide who practice alone.

For private clinics that rely on blood tests to prescribe medications for chronic diseases, this will result in a significant loss of income.

There has been criticism that doctors’ remuneration is higher than in other industries.

Although it is not as large as that of baseball players, it would be nice if there was a larger difference in income between excellent doctors and those who are not.

Unfortunately, the reality is that this is not the case; having a medical license guarantees a good salary.

It would be good if there was a medical fee system that does not guarantee the lowest level of doctors’ salaries and does not criticize the highest level, but the Japan Medical Association, a medical organization, has been criticized for this point. There is.

From the medical association’s perspective, it is natural since it is also a worker organization for doctors, but the media only criticizes high-income groups.

In every industry, there are people who can’t help but be criticized.

This time, the Ministry of Finance has grasped and analyzed the business status of clinics before the coronavirus, and announced that the current financial situation of clinics is better than before the coronavirus.

I won’t be able to finish it.

As a result, single-physician internal medicine clinics in urban areas will likely close.

Only large medical centers with multiple doctors and hospital-like testing capabilities can survive.

Anticipating that era to come, the hospital in Ginza was turned into a high-performance medical center with no beds.

A fundamental reform of the medical industry is about to begin.

This will also lead to a review of doctors’ career plans.

Will work style reform really benefit doctors?

Is the word “holy" useless or evil?

Are baseball players and Takarazuka team members workers?

Am I also a worker?

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Body temperature 36.4 Blood sugar 187 Late night chocolate

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