Contagious Infection Ward

Corona has increaed from 2 types into 5 types.
But will the number of accepting hospitals increase?
In the old days, there were tuberculosis beds.
I think the hospital specializing in infectious diseases was in a remote area.
Now it doesn’t exist anymore.
In Japan, there are no more patients with such infectious diseases.
I heard about it from a friend of his father, a professor emeritus at a university specializing in infectious diseases.
There is no research subject in Japan anymore.
That’s why I decided to go to Southeast Asia for research.
Japan is hygienic and nutritious.
It’s wonderful, I think I’ve become Japan.
But I didn’t expect the arrival of an infectious disease like corona.
Even now, I think people are hoping that the coronavirus will eventually end and Japan will return to the way it was before.
I would like that to happen, but when I look at the site, I still don’t think so.
The flu hasn’t gone away, and the corona virus will change every year and come back again.
A global society where the movement of people continues to increase around the world.
Japan itself is aiming to become a tourist powerhouse.
Both domestically and internationally, the movement and exchange of people will continue to increase.
Japan’s economy remains a trading nation.
In that case, Japan’s medical and nursing care system is still aiming for division and efficiency.
It may be better to reconsider the system of medical and nursing care facilities specializing in infectious diseases, prepared for a change in the situation.
With the current facility system, it seems unrealistic to accept both past patients and corona patients on a case-by-case basis.
In order to respond to the corona virus, it is necessary to design buildings suitable for it and to educate staff.
For better or worse, there is no going back.
I think that medical care for the future means preparing for the painful future of the corona society.
Maybe pessimistic.

Pulse oximeter 99/98/98
Body temperature 36.3 Blood sugar 172

A cold is also an infectious disease
CEO Yasunari Koyama


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