Showa Osaka Expo

Osaka Expo in year 45 of showa. (in Japan they use both era names and western calendar)
Yasunari is a first year student at Hibiya High School.
I don’t remember whether the school uniform suited me or not.
During that summer vacation, his family went to see the World’s Fair.
Yasunari carried around a 007 attache case, which was popular at the time.
Going by Shinkansen.
On the way back, I took a plane.
First time for both.
It’s my first time in Osaka too.
It was a very hospitable trip, with his father’s friends in the business world and the patient, an influential person in the Kansai region, picking him up from Osaka Station.
First time staying in a family suite.
Teppanyaki steak while watching the night view of Kobe.
I still think that eating the meat while looking at the night view was the most delicious meal I’ve ever had in my life.
Each exhibition venue had a letter of introduction and could be entered through the back door.
I thought what a blessed profession it is to be a doctor.
On the flight home, I was so nervous that I couldn’t look out the window, so I closed the window and read a book.
Moreover, while drawing the line.
I was afraid to look at the ground below me.
I think my father saw through this and got angry at me.
I remembers the purple book with the cover off, but I doesn’t remember the author’s name.
I just wanted to disguise my fear of flying.
He was a small-minded child.
After that, I wonder how many times he took the Shinkansen and plane to Osaka.
The Expo venue later became the National Museum of Ethnology.
He liked Kisho Kurokawa’s Metabolism design.
I went to that museum every year in my 20s.
Tadao Umesao, a professor of folklore and folklore studies at Kyoto University, was the first director.
Since high school, I have been a regular reader of Professor Tadao Umesao’s Techniques of Intellectual Production'' in Iwanami Shinsho, and I have been a practitioner of theKyoto University-style cards" introduced there.
However, I don’t have any of the B6 cards left from those days, which are records of my intellectual production.
I gave up on becoming a scholar or critic.
But it made reading easier.
I started going to art galleries and museums, not just movie theaters.
Starting today, I’m going to Osaka.
It’s been a long time since I’ve attended an academic conference.
At the luncheon seminar sponsored by Koyama G, you can meet many Koyama G doctors and nutritionists.
I’m not going to read any more, and I’m just going to enjoy the scenery out the window on the way to Osaka.
I should have included the National Ethnographic Museum in my itinerary.
I lost my museum membership card a long time ago.
After all, you tend to get bored, Yasunari-kun.
I remembered that in Osaka, oden is called Kanto-taki'' orKanto-ni."
Whales are also called saezuri.
I was hooked on Ken Kaiko’s essays, so I went out of my way to eat oden in Minami.
The passion I had back then is no longer there.
What should we eat next time in Osaka?
I’ll have to consult with a fellow person who will be accompanying me.

Pulse oximeter 98/98/99
Body temperature 36.6 Blood sugar 188

Minami’s Kanto Cooking
(Kanto referes to the areas around Tokyo and surrounding prefectures)
CEO Yasunari Koyama


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