Breaking through the glass ceiling and walls

Medical care is a collective of specialized professions. Whether it’s nurses, laboratory technicians, radiographers, pharmacists, dieticians, or any other technician, they all essentially work under the direction of physicians. The authority to give instructions and the ultimate responsibility are all centralized in the hands of physicians. In terms of the qualification system for medical professions, Japan may be the strictest. In the United States, for example, nurse practitioners have authority and salaries that are close to those of physicians, although there are limitations in their field. Even the duties of hospital directors are exclusive to physicians.

Many of Japan’s medical specialists work in hospitals, which are generally considered the most desirable workplaces. It would be beneficial if they could apply their medical expertise more broadly in society. Although the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare employs physicians as medical bureaucrats, they are still considered specialized professionals.

It wouldn’t be a bad thing if nurses became civil servants, CEOs, or hotel managers. In Japan, obtaining a qualification often means prioritizing working in medical institutions within that field. There should be more politicians, film directors, journalists, and CEOs with medical backgrounds. While there have been relaxations in the legal system, individuals are still fixated on being recognized as specialized professionals due to societal perceptions.

It’s just a university degree at the end of the day. We should embrace the idea of using our specialized knowledge to contribute more broadly to society. I call this the permeation and diffusion of medical knowledge into society.

Young people, venture out into the world from hospitals. Your workplace isn’t limited to hospitals. Anywhere there are patients or diseases is a place where you can make a difference. It’s okay to become administrators or managers. Break through not only the glass ceiling but also the glass walls of the hierarchical system. Originally, there were no walls or fences in the wilderness. I want you to see the vast expanse of society.

Knowledge and qualifications should not limit your abilities and possibilities. They should be seen as tools for expanding your world and understanding. I have expanded my own world with this mindset. Anyone can do it. It all depends on your mindset

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