Medical care management DX

Medical DX is progressing, but I think that nursing homes need more progress.
In fact, both medical care and nursing care need to be converted to DX, and I think that the collaboration and integration of medical and nursing care services will be the most effective.
I think that it is the elderly staff who are not positive about digitization.
In the old days, it was the geriatric doctors and similar nurses who opposed electronic medical records in hospitals.
The same is true for nursing care.
Late at night, I like to sit at my desk and write care records.
The administration also trusts that it is described individually and concretely like a composition.
It is now called a waste of time.
As much as possible, I want to spend time on bedside, cuddling, nursing care.
Furthermore, there is a limit to patrol of wards and care units, so monitoring with bed sensors and TV cameras is also necessary.
All of this is to make the work of the staff efficient.
In the future, it may even lead to a review of staffing.
Also, 24-hour perfect human monitoring is impossible, and Newman error cannot be completely prevented.
Intensive care units in emergency hospitals are also nursed with electronic sensors.
Similarly, in nursing care, the lack of doctors and few nurses is compensated for by electronic management and electronic records.
The situation at the time of death in the facility cannot be recorded without electronic monitoring such as television.
There is no staff present 24 hours a day.
It’s the same as an emergency room.
Chart entry, data storage, and simultaneous sharing of information.
Electronic bookkeeping and online information sharing are also essential in nursing care.
As long as there is an end-of-life care for the elderly, even in a facility there is terminal medical care and cure.
End-of-life care that respects human dignity also requires end-of-life procedures and medical decisions similar to those in hospitals.
In order to leave evidence based on the medical rules, a system of electronic management electronic recording is necessary.
Such facilities must be fully equipped in nursing care facilities as well.
In order to avoid nursing lawsuits and to protect the staff, nursing care DX will proceed at the same time as medical care.
I am not asking for a subsidy.
The cost must be covered by rationalization of personnel expenses.
That’s the reasoning.

Pulse oximeter 98/97/99
Body temperature 36.4 Blood sugar 205

Old man who is not good at computers
CEO, Yasunari Koyama


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