The Voice of the body, the movement of the mind

Ever since I was a child, I have loved reading and learning about zazen and methods for controlling the mind and body, but I have never been able to put it into practice.

I felt warmth from my right arm, then warmth from my stomach.

I think it was written about how to prepare your body with your mind.

I remember that when I did this, I didn’t want to study anymore.

I think this training method of controlling the body with the mind was actually a way to erase old habits.

It also erases study habits.

It’s probably good for getting rid of bad habits like drinking and smoking.

After that, the recording diet became popular and I’ve tried it.

But now, I feel very reluctant to step on the scale.

I don’t want to ride it.

It’s like a child though.

I believe that Yasunari’s-kun deep psychological desire to eat delicious sweets is controlling his mind and binding his body. (kun is a prefex used for young males)

On the other hand, blood sugar is measured using a simple test kit, before and after meals, and countless times throughout the day.

This is determined by the owner of my heart, who says that I want to eat some sweets or fruit when my blood sugar levels are at the appropriate level.

According to the recent theory of consciousness reception, it is not the brain that has the will, but the whole body issuing instructions to move the body.

He says that his body’s movements are following him, and that his brain is simply directing his body to move.

It’s not my will that my hand reaches for sweets.

My body’s desires just justify moving my body and eating with my will.

Looking back, when I was able to lose weight, I think my appetite was controlled naturally without me even being aware of it.

Even without trying.

I wonder if my consciousness was focused on something else instead of eating.

Do you mean to not go beyond the rules without being careful?

No, in this way, are you trying to control your mind so that even if you try hard, it’s useless?

It’s not Yasunari’s fault that he can’t stop eating sweets late at night.

I don’t think anyone will be convinced by that nonsense.

Pulse oximeter 98/99/99

Body temperature 36.5 Blood sugar 229

Zen monk aiming for a state of selflessness

CEO Yasunari Koyama


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