Exercise of priority

A tragic rear-end collision between a commercial airliner and an official aircraft occurred.
At an airfield in Tokyo with a control tower.
Immediately, a recording of the control tower’s radio instructions was made public.
According to this, it is clear that the official aircraft was at fault.
The private airline company believed to be the victim’s side immediately held a press conference apologizing, but both administrative departments and the government declined to comment as the investigation was ongoing.
What kind of thing is this?
The public’s trust in the government will further decline.
Of course, the administrative enforcement side has priority.
In fact, police cars and ambulances sometimes cause collisions with oncoming vehicles.

Because the siren is blaring, the oncoming car will give way to you, so you are sprinting as fast as you can.
There are times when the private sector cannot avoid it.
This time, judging from the testimony of the captain of the official plane, it was a mistake based on assumptions.
As a result, five soldiers died while on duty.
That’s painful.
It is natural that planes with a high public interest and mission are given priority.

A long time ago, at the reception desk at the Ginza clinic run by Japan Medical Association President Taro Takemi, there was a sign stating that current ministers would be given priority for medical examinations.
I think there would be criticism now.
What we have now is silver priority.
Lately, I’ve been taking the initiative to get on and off the elevator first.
Otherwise, other passengers will not be able to move.
Please be reserved for me as an old man.
There is also something called giving priority to the weak.

Pulse oximeter 97/97/97
Body temperature 36.7 Blood sugar 197

Who takes the lead even if he has no priority

CEO Yasunari Koyama


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