Movie location

Where is the movie being filmed?

Japanese cities are difficult to film in, as there are many restrictions from the police and shopping districts.

Nowadays, I think the streets of Ginza almost never appear in movies.

In Yujiro Ishihara’s era, Ginza and Yurakucho were synonymous with romantic movies.

Nowadays, no one talks about love in Ginza.

I think it’s a waste.

Also for the city of Ginza.

Shibuya Scramble often appears in TV dramas.

Apparently, an intersection that looks just like the real thing is being built in Tochigi Prefecture.

I was surprised, it’s on par with Hollywood.

I wonder if someone will build an intersection in Ginza as well.

This is because Ginza is the most difficult shopping district in Japan to obtain permission to photograph.

I myself know very well.

Neither the police nor the shopping district will give permission.

The roads in Ginza are main roads and cannot be stopped even for a short period of time.

It will also be a nuisance to customers coming to Ginza.

It interferes with store business.

For the most obvious reason, I’d like to see the scene where 007 races down Ginza Street in a Bond car.

The filming in Hong Kong took place in an actual shopping district.

I heard that a huge amount of filming fees were paid to stores in the shopping district.

I want it to appear in Mission Impossible as the Ginza of the world.

I’d like to see Tom Cruise running frantically down Ginza Street.

Filming set in schools and hospitals uses abandoned schools and hospitals.

The facility built by Koyama G will take about a month from completion to opening.

As a representative of the Koyama Film Commission, we will lend it to you free of charge for movie shooting.

Even during the construction period, it will be a picture.

Accidents and injuries sustained during filming will be treated free of charge.

Doctors and nurses will cooperate.

Once completed, I will buy 10,000 movie tickets.

Is there any director out there who has the courage to do so?

You can definitely become a master.

We guarantee picturesque scenes.

However, if there is a role for Ginza Retirement, please let me audition.

If I were to play the role of a selfish businessman in a wheelchair, I would be able to play the role myself.

There are also many nurses who push wheelchairs.

I’m looking forward to a masterpiece.

Pulse oximeter 98/99/98

Body temperature 36.4 Blood sugar 148

Daikon Actor (radish actor)

(Daikon actor is an entertainment term used to criticize actors and actresses who perform poorly.)

CEO Representative Yasunari Koyama


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