Hero and evil wife

It’s been a long time since I’ve stepped foot in Shinjuku’s Kabukicho area, which has become notorious recently.

The purpose was to watch a popular new movie.

What’s more, it’s at Japan’s highest-class premiere movie theater.

I went to both movies and theaters.

I believe that watching a movie at a movie theater is a way of paying homage to the movie, and that it also has meaning in life.

Also, I believe that when you watch a movie alone, it’s just a matter of appreciation, but when you watch it with someone else, you’re creating memories with that person.

The movie companion’s impressions are like a human litmus test, and the fate of the two of you will be determined by your partner’s impressions on a date.

Generally speaking, you can tell the other person’s hobbies and education based on which movie they want to watch.

It would be nice if we could meet at a movie theater.

After that, there will be no waste in your relationship.

Well, today’s movie theater is the best in Japan.

The ceiling is high and the floor slopes high, so the head of the person sitting in front of you is not a problem.

can not see.

So you can immerse yourself in the movie.

The acoustics are also great.

Isn’t it better than a concert hall?

It is suitable for musicals, Takarazuka, and the concert itself.

There are also screens on three sides, making you feel like you’re in the middle of a battlefield.

The movie is a historical story of a hero and his evil wife.

This work is also a story of allies between a master craftsman and a great actor.

This movie does not sell advance tickets.

That’s unfortunate.

I would like everyone to watch the movie at their own expense.

Premium movie theater seats are the best.

I wanted to buy this seat as a souvenir along with the pamphlet and take it home.

Which product is it?

I would appreciate it if you could let me know.

The Road Show Hall eventually became a concert hall, or an expensive venue like the Kabuki-za or Takarazuka Theater.

I’ve been predicting this, and it seems like that era has finally begun.

Both hot dogs and popcorn are high quality.

Both tastes are different.

Both the cup and the case are stylish.

It’s expensive, but I understand.

The movie viewing hall is more like a city hotel bar than a concert hall entrance hall.

The night view of Shinjuku shines brightly, so even if you’re not satisfied with the movie, you can forgive this location alone.

It’s more suitable for a relaxing retreat than a date.

I would like to see it built in Ginza as well.

Tokyu-san, Toho-san, Shochiku-san, Toei-san, please.

Theater fans are waiting.

If we don’t hurry, theater fans will become an endangered species like the Iriomote cat.

Pulse oximeter 98/98/96

Body temperature 36.1 Blood sugar 183

Master representative Yasunari Koyama


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