Cultural hometown tax

The Tokyo ward area is said to be in the red with hometown tax payments amounting to 1 billion units.
Certainly, I haven’t heard of locally produced sake or miso.
This is probably because it was originally established to support local towns and villages with low tax payments.
As a schoolboy, there are always theaters and roadshow halls in the city center.
Why not use that ticket as a return gift for hometown tax donations?
Depending on the day, it can be difficult to get tickets for Kabukiza, Takarazuka, and baseball. Young people across the country will also become more interested.
Yes, I have been proposing this, and finally there is an administrative district that is considering something similar.
Bunkyo Ward has begun offering special lectures from the University of Tokyo as a return gift for hometown tax donations.
Admission tickets to Korakuen are also available.
Provide local culture.
I want everyone to think about this.
What kind of culture does our town have?
It would be a good idea to organize a film festival.
If it was a mother and child film festival, Koyama G would cooperate.
There will also be a Johnny’s concert.
Young children rush in.
Well, I almost forgot.
In my town, Ginza, there are many movie theaters, but we also make honey and shochu.
It is definitely from Ginza.
Mr. Chuo Ward Mayor, would you please think about this?
Provided at cost price.

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Nursing Care is a Culture
CEO Yasunari Koyama


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