Family allowance

In the past, when considering personnel promotions and salary increases, I tried to ignore the age of the person involved as much as possible.
This is to get you promoted as quickly as possible.
Being motivated and positive was my top priority.
During the bubble era, executives were paid an annual salary, similar to what companies did at the time.
Many young facility managers, managers, and directors were born, and each corporation of Koyama G took flight.
Recently, however, I have started to wish that all employees would be able to live a normal life and support their families.
The same goes for the enhancement of staff dormitories.
Build nice staff dormitories instead of facilities.
Not only single dormitory, but also Vietnam dormitory, Indonesian dormitory, Myanmar dormitory.

There is also a family dormitory next to the nursery school.
There are nursing care facilities for parents, company housing for people to live in, and daycare centers for their children and grandchildren.
I want to create such a Koyama Land and Koyama Village.
Increase profits and pay settlement bonuses.
We have managed our business with that venture spirit.
However, in recent years, society has become a place where the burden of supporting one’s family is heavy.
Therefore, we are considering restoring dependent allowances and enhancing family allowances, just like in the past.
I’m a schoolboy who doesn’t have a family and doesn’t receive dependent allowance, so I’m not afraid to make suggestions.
What employees most need right now is guaranteed treatment not just for their parents and spouses, but also for giving birth to and raising children.
Although we cannot compete with the large companies and government offices of the past, we would like to use all of Koyama G’s assets as collateral to improve our welfare programs.

Prioritize housing for staff over facilities.
You don’t have the right to make someone happy by sacrificing your own life.
My mother always said so.
I have no intention of sacrificing my life.
Even though I live alone now, I am grateful that I am happy because I am a member of Koyama.

Pulse oximeter 96/98/98
Body temperature 36.4 Blood sugar 257 Late night chocolate curse
Dependent family representative Yasunari Koyama


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