Fair and equitable and equality

Nihon Medical School was sued by a female student for past entrance exams.
The reason was that the school only wanted men and would inflate their total score and discriminate against female applicants.
It’s justifiable anger, and I’ve heard complaints from that university professor.
In reality, women often take time off due to marriage and childbirth.
Some people retire when their skills as doctors improve.
But now, even if there is some truth to this fact, it does not pass in society.
It is true that American college entrance exams have different admission quotas, taking into account race, nationality, and income.
Children of parents who have donated a large amount of money are entering school with confidence.
Many students enroll in the sports frame.
In that case, why not make a clear distinction between boys’ and girls’ colleges?
If there is a women’s medical school, how about a men’s medical school?
How about setting quotas for men and women in medical departments as well?
Is it better for all gynecologists to be women?
I don’t know.
Neurosurgery takes a long time, and I think it requires some physical strength, but I think that the number of female doctors has increased recently.
I graduated from a kindergarten attached to a women’s university, but only because my mother was an alma mater.
There were surprisingly few men.
I think that the experience of those days in an all-girl kindergarten still remains as a gynophobia.
All of mine male alumni married late.
This is the only thing that makes me hate my mother.

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Body temperature 36.2 Blood sugar 197

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CEO, Yasunari Koyama


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