Declining birthrate and aging population

Amid the declining birthrate, the future of local university management is in doubt.
There was a time when new campuses and new departments continued to be established even though the student population could be read with certainty.
Cities are small, and rural areas should provide education and universities where young people can gather.
Yes, all prefectures have wished and worked hard to attract universities.
Universities also wanted to increase their student numbers as soon as possible.
This is the road I’ve been looking at for a while.
Yes, there was a rush to increase hospital beds.
Perhaps the increase in the number of new graduate schools is an extension of this trend.
What happened to law schools, which were specialized in expertise and practicality?
What happened to those who entered the university expecting to become lawyers?
There are also few hospitals where music therapists can work as graduates.
I think there are too few doctors who train music therapists and too few hospitals that have specialized departments.
Even small and medium-sized private nursing care facilities could hire them if they were recognized by nursing care insurance.
This is probably selfishness on the part of the facility.
I am fully aware that it is unreasonable to expect everything to be covered by medical insurance and nursing care insurance.
However, I think it would be a lot different if the qualification system, especially the placement standards, were relaxed in this way.
In a hospital, if the number of care workers can be converted to 0.7 of a nurse, then the number of care workers can be allocated accordingly.
Music therapists can also be converted based on staffing standards at nursery schools.
My pride would not allow me to work as a childcare assistant.
There may be children who are mentally unstable, so I would like to see a clinical psychologist at the nursery school.
Of course, also in nursing homes.
There are still very few in the field.
It’s all a matter of the country’s finances and the management of the facilities, but both are struggling with money.
When we discuss things up to this point, some people say that we should put more effort into supporting the return of eligible retirees, including the lack of nurses.
However, in conclusion, I think it is difficult in reality.
Rather, what about senior college students?
In the United States, many people study new fields at university after retirement.
This was a long time ago, and I feel like things are different in America today, but future seniors with pensions can become freshmen in the fields they really like.
Drama, literary philosophy and history.
Educational programs are also popular on television.
The person watching must be an old man.
That’s because I am the one saying this.
Don’t miss the special program on BSNHK.
What if universities should do more to promote distance learning?
When my father was hospitalized, he always had the University of Communications’ TV broadcast on.
Also, a map was always spread out next to the bed.
Senior university students do not need student discounts.
They have more money than students.
At the very least, I think they value their time and study more seriously than young people.
If only classroom lectures were enough.
It seems like I’m only thinking about myself all the time.

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