Institutional investor

Major life insurance company is looking to acquire a benefit agency.

Total amount: 290 billion yen.

This is different from a large, blue-chip company acquiring a small-to-medium-sized family company in the same industry or a loss-making company.

It is not a merger of the 2nd and 3rd place in the industry.

Although it is not a vertical integration, you could call it a diagonal integration acquisition.

Life insurance may have grown the most in Japan.

An office worker buys insurance for his family on the premise of getting married and having children.

Eventually, they will acquire a house with a loan.

At the same time, take out life insurance and use it as collateral for emergencies.

For this purpose, sales channels at the workplace have been carefully developed.

I think it’s a big financial industry.

Life insurance companies are sitting on piles of cash and are having trouble finding a place to invest it.

In Japan, where the population is decreasing, insurance sales themselves are going downhill.

You may be struggling to find a new place to invest in your future.

A first possibility would be to acquire an elderly care company.

Using life insurance as collateral, they move into a nursing home with lifetime access rights.

This is easy to understand.

Sales operations may also be unified.

But this scheme is a lock-in business model, like the example of car insurance and maintenance companies.

There is also the risk of causing problems with fraudulent billing.

If you look at recent scandals, this is an expected risk.

Insurance companies are institutional investors.

It will become the core of the industry reorganization of the elderly medical care and nursing care businesses.

Now, what kind of insurance did I have?

There was a time in the past when every time you borrowed money, you took out insurance introduced by a bank.

You won’t know where it was or how much it was until you die and receive it.

They are indifferent to what they cannot receive.

Sad though.

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