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Over the past 40 years, I’ve opened medical and welfare facilities nationwide. When I go to rural areas, I’m sometimes introduced to places that used to be cinemas. They hope it can be used for day services. The cinemas are not barrier-free and are dimly lit. They are not friendly to the elderly or disabled. Many mini-theaters run by local families in rural areas have closed down. Nowadays, there are counties without any cinemas at all. You can only find cinemas like Toho Cinemas or AEON. Cinema malls are convenient and you can watch three movies in a day. But you can only watch mainstream blockbuster movies. Places like art theaters, which are like memories of youth to me, have almost disappeared. Koyama G also manages the operation of lively plazas through a designated management system. They used to be old community centers. Concerts and lectures can also be held there. But movie screenings at community centers are mostly volunteer-run and free. Charging fees or receiving subsidies from the government is currently difficult. So, I’m considering using lesser-known but good-quality movies as community cinemas. But currently, it’s also difficult to charge fees or receive subsidies from the government. First, we need to build a track record and then receive subsidies. It seems that the only way to start is to plan a film festival through crowdfunding. However, it’s also been found that the facilities for screening movies are outdated and inadequate. Moreover, the government does not provide subsidies for movies as culture, only as business. When I was in elementary school, I watched “The Sound of Music" in the school auditorium as part of the curriculum. In modern times, movies are nothing but business, not culture. I think movies are a comprehensive art form, but neither the Ministry of Education nor the government is interested in watching movies in theaters. Let’s turn community centers into community cinemas. I’m considering creating such achievements, but it will still take time to realize them. I think many local film festivals have also been affected. Because of COVID, movies have become something to watch on the internet. I used to think that only in theaters could enthusiasts gather and enjoy movies together, but it may not be the case anymore. Even on the internet, there are plans for net theaters where big fans can watch and share their thoughts simultaneously. Screenings other than welfare movies at community centers are currently stalled. I want to rethink new management plans and start afresh after past failures. Does anyone have the wisdom and passion for this? We need wisdom, money, film providers, and everything. I’m waiting for new ideas and plans, starting from scratch from past failures. Above all, the evaluation and support of the government are necessary for the use of community centers. Is it already outdated to host movie events for citizens at community centers?

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Koyama G CEO, Thunderbird Representative Yasunari Koyama


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