Private hospitals will be halved.

Forty years ago, it was said that private hospitals with fewer than 150 beds would not survive.
Furthermore, the country was trying to control medical costs by limiting the number of doctors.
Or rather, as the number of doctors increases, medical costs will increase accordingly.
The evolution and growth of necessary medical services was not taken into account.
However, at that time, it was not possible to predict the future.
Currently, hospitals are being funded through corona supplements and loans.
Without this, hospital management would no longer be possible.
I’m worried about what private hospitals will look like five years from now.
I fear that under the current medical system, the number of private hospitals will be reduced by half.
For many small and medium-sized private hospitals, treatment of the elderly and chronic diseases accounts for much of their income.
Surgical and specialized hospitals are large, require huge capital investment, and many specialists.
Small and medium-sized hospitals across the country will no longer be able to make ends meet.
First, it is not possible to secure doctors and nurses.
I think more and more medicines and chronic diseases will be delivered online.
Only large dispensing pharmacies with testing facilities or those that also sell goods will remain.
In any case, medical care will require huge investments in electronic medical records, testing equipment, and medical DX.
I can’t invest with my current medical insurance income.
Under this situation, only large public hospitals that receive taxpayers’ money can survive.
In Japan, where there is a free business system, I don’t think independent private business management can continue as it is.
Considering the idea that all medical care is publicly managed, Japan’s medical care may be too liberal in the private sector.
However, if we were to become like the United States, private medical insurance would be expensive.
Furthermore, there are no private donations in Japan like those provided by churches.
Generational change, corona, financial difficulties.
Fine-tuning and reforming the system is not enough.
Almost like a rebuild.
The foundations of Japanese medical care are about to be overturned.
Few people realize this and are frightened.
Am I worrying too much?

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