Bubble Collapse Again

The origin of my business lies in the collapse of the Japanese real estate bubble 35 years ago.
At that time, the real estate bubble was at its peak.
Businesses owning buildings in Ginza were expanding their branches into department stores and were thriving.
It was common to hear stories from patients about making money in stocks.
Here, we took over a bankrupt emergency hospital in Ginza and were in the process of restructuring it for revival with loose management.
I considered it the only impoverished job in Ginza.
Just as we had rebuilt the hospital, the surrounding area, which had been bubbling with success, suddenly collapsed, and many companies went bankrupt.
I deeply realized the risks of finance and real estate.
Since then, I have dedicated myself to focusing only on jobs where people work hard and where I can pay salaries.
It was in the healthcare and welfare sector in rural and mountainous areas.
Over the past year, we’ve heard news of the bankruptcy of a major Chinese real estate company and issues with vacant apartments there.
Now, even the American residential real estate market is starting to seem uncertain.
Previously, when commercial buildings became difficult to sell, new owners would emerge, but if regular homes become unsellable, the economy will truly decline.
There were commentators who said that Japan had studied the failure of the real estate bubble carefully and that it wouldn’t happen again, but it seems doubtful.
Even if one studies Japan’s failure closely, it seems like they’ve just continued with financial easing to postpone the problem. Last time it was just Japan, but now it seems the whole world is involved, and we might be heading towards a global recession.
The export industry will probably benefit from a weak yen for a while, but in the long run, I think it would be safer for Japan, being an island nation, to close its borders and focus on domestic agriculture and healthcare.
I’m preparing for that time and have been thinking so for over 30 years.
This is where Wolf Boy comes to a head.

Noto earthquake, 153 days, blood sugar 129
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