Non-hierarchical organization

Nursing meeting yesterday.
Online, 120 people are participating.
An academic conference format where presentations from the facility continue.
I was in the audience, but I was asked to say hello for only 5 minutes, but I was so moved by the high level of the presentation that I gave an impassioned speech for 50 minutes.
I have long insisted.
Nursing homes have become severe care facilities, and medical care is also necessary.
Since there are many medicines for dementia patients, more involvement of doctors and pharmacists is necessary.
Special nursing homes became medical special nursing homes.
And since Corona, emergency hospitals have needed nursing care.
In the presentation, I was impressed with the fact that a large number of examinations were being conducted at the nursing home under the direction of the doctor, and that the facility needed an administrative assistant. rice field.
Anyway, hospitals and nursing homes have too much paperwork.
I want AI software to take over.
Nursing staff want more bedside time.
Ward clerks need people with high AI skills.
Various heated discussions were held.
It doesn’t matter if you work in a hospital or a nursing home.
As a nurse, it was an opinion that I wanted to optimize the whole medical care.
I really felt that Koyama G is an organization without a hierarchy.
Not only I as a manager, but also the doctor who was the director of the facility participated, and I think I felt that way.
Bridge the gap between medical and nursing care facility systems.
Build a bridge in the valley of medical care and welfare.
Make a team of nurses and care workers.
Both in hospitals and nursing homes.
The site is really in trouble.
On top of that, I’m working hard and doing my best.
I hear that there is a large turnover of nurses at university hospitals.
The facilities at Koyama G are difficult, but the staff are self-motivated, bright and enthusiastic.
I don’t have the strength to give guidance, but I learn from the field and follow along.
Invest money to modernize your on-site equipment environment.
That is the management of medical welfare.

Pulse oximeter 97/98/98
Body temperature 36.0 Blood sugar 174

The mountain climbing leader is the last one
CEO, Yasunari Koyama


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