Today is also a regular board meeting of 7 corporations.
It will be held online.
The faces of the officers of facilities across the country line up on a large TV.
It is spectacular and looks good even if it is a computer image.
I know your facial expressions and your eyes.
I look at the expressions and eyes of the attendees rather than the documents.
It has become a big company.
Medical corporations and welfare corporations that operate similar facilities.
However, even though meeting minutes materials have the same purpose and are similar administrative documents, they are made differently depending on the corporation.
I thought it was natural because of the regulations of medical corporations and the laws of social welfare corporations, but there is a personality.
You can’t see the individuality of a stock company.
Rather, welfare corporations, which should have many legal regulations, are different.
It’s just a matter of format.
Social welfare corporations reflect the intentions of the administration.
The guidance of the administrative officer of the local government is reflected.
We are planning a number of corporate mergers.
I realized that it would be difficult to arrange even one format.
The salary system and labor are the most difficult issues, but we value diversity and respect regional characteristics.
Unreasonable unification is unnecessary.
But forms and computer software don’t work that way.
Even the business reports that each corporation has devised and created must be unified.
Organization, management, evaluation, and various management indicators must all be reviewed.
It’s also a good time to review your business.
Streamline, progress.
review everything.
Recently, I have been thinking about what is medical care, what is welfare, what is private sector, and what is public administration.
I have a new question about the theorem of the basic concept.
Perhaps this is also because I studied comparative religious philosophy in graduate school.
The theme of my master’s thesis was medical welfare management philosophy.
Even at this age, my outlook on life has not changed.
outlook on life too.
From now on, what you want, what you pursue, and what you promised to the staff.
Are human beings fundamentally unchanging?
When I was young, I became less conscious of the ideals and passions of changing society and creating a better society.
Don’t let society get any worse, don’t make the staff suffer any more.
I can’t push myself any further, and I can’t do my best.
monotonous daily life.
I am happy with the repetition.
good morning.

Pulse oximeter 99/99/99
Body temperature 36.4 Blood sugar 177

Once again, it floats but does not sink
CEO Yasunari Koyama


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