Intership from Bank

Koyama G’s facility actively accepts student internships from universities all over Japan.
I hope that people will take an interest in the medical welfare industry, even if just a little.
We are planning to accept a nurse internship from a university in Vietnam.
A dormitory dedicated to Vietnam is under construction in Sendai, but we are also looking for land in the Tokyo metropolitan area.
In fact, since last year, one person from a bank has been in the Tokyo metropolitan area for training.
Worked in the preparatory office for the establishment of a nursing home.
I sit next to the facility director and have him experience all the preparations for opening.
Recruitment explanation and new employee training.
Construction process meeting, contractor selection, negotiation.
It’s already enough to open a facility.
for what?
This is to have them become excellent bankers and bankers in charge of medical welfare.
From now on, it will be necessary to rebuild the management of many hospitals and nursing care facilities.
At that time, it is for you to become a reliable bank.
I had a banker with aspirations come to me, and I sweated and cried with him for a year.
A comrade was born who dug a well together.
I would like you to return to the bank and become an authority in medical welfare.
Next, from the administration, would you like to come to study?
Privatization, COVID-19, compounding of medical and nursing care, and various other factors, I think that the people in charge of administrative work are also in trouble.
Without knowing the complicated social scene, it is difficult to perform the correct administrative duties.
In the old days, welfare was partly under the direct control of the government.
In a good way, there was also an amakudari from the administration.
One-sided rushing to privatize the company simply because of financial difficulties will not solve the problem.
In the era of the resort bubble, a business entity called the 3rd sector became popular.
Now we call it PFI.
Medical, welfare, education, and nursing care are tax-funded as part of social security.
We need administrative correctness, support, and involvement.
An administrative man cannot run a responsible administration if he is an amateur.
By all means, I would like the medical and welfare staff of municipalities to go to the site for internships.
Koyama G accepts at any time.
Passionate and ambitious young people, come.
To Koyama G.
From foreign countries, from banks, from government offices.

Pulse oximeter 97/98/97
Body temperature 36.2 Blood sugar 284

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